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Parents & Teachers: New Year Resolutions for Kids

With the first week back to school almost under our belts, it’s a perfect time for your kids or students to set some New Year resolutions!


Experts say that kids between 6 -12 are at a great age to set and stick to resolutions. From more reading time, more exercise and fresh air to setting the breakfast bowls out the night before school. Here are some of our  favourite resolutions…


Read for 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Setting out some more time for reading will help establish some good routines on school nights. Here are some of the best children’s books to read.


Set the dinner table. The kids can help set the table while dinner is being prepared. Another helpful way to keep them busy and away from the treat press before dinner time!


Game night Friday’s. Keep the Christmas board games out and set an hour or two each Friday for a family game night. A great way for some quality time without screens.


Learn to bake. Bake sale season will soon be upon us in schools, help the kids learn how to make some simple recipes like cookies or flapjacks.


Clean their bedroom. Once a week, a set time could be allocated for a quick bedroom tidy. Especially after the Christmas break, now is a great time to rebuild routines on school nights!


Experts say by getting the kids excited about 2 or 3 new goals or resolutions is a perfect load for them to take on and stick too. 


We hope this helps with your little ones! Let us know how it goes or if you have any other resolutions that could help us or other readers! 

– The Education Elephant Team