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Free Knowledge Sharing Hub

This Knowledge sharing hub is for you, our community. Here, we will regularly share valuable thinking & knowledge from dedicated people and organisations round the world focused on improving wellbeing and learning, so every child can flourish…

If you have anything you would like us to share with your community, a video, an image, a piece of wisdom, or want to let us know what you think of the knowledge sharing hub, please contact us.

May 2021 - Knowledge Share Hub Updates

Here is the second of the excellent series we highlighted in our first edition by La Trobe University focused on Learning Difficulties Including Dyslexia – Analysing Spelling Errors. There are five in total and we will be posting the next three on this free sharing hub in coming editions.

Analysing Spelling Errors

The next two will follow on the site over the coming weeks. Webinar 1 is available here. Sign-up below, to receive email notification!  With thanks to the team at La Trobe University.

This second video is a super video Teach for Success – Rethinking teaching for kids with ADHD by AboutKidsHealth of Canada focused on how to teach children with ADHD, with many contributions from children themselves and great tips for teaching.

Excellent New courses:

Supporting Emotional Regulation in the Classroom 
Promoting Resilience in Teenagers 
Teaching Children to Self Regulate 
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children with ADHD (Coming soon; May, 2021)
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