How can we up-skill during this time at home? | Education Elephant Siteground

We have come up with some nice skills that could be great to learn while most of us are working from home, minding the kids or self isolating. We are some of the lucky ones, the only ask: to stay a home. A big shout out to our front line workers, from Doctors, Nurses, Grocery Store workers, to deliver drivers who are at the forefront of this day in day out.

While at home, here are some healthy ideas for the mind, to up-skill during this time: 

  1. Try to keep fit with some yoga or body weight exercises. Such as: squads, lunges, press ups, heel flicks, high knees, jumping jacks. Do you know any other ones? Share them in the comments! 
  2. Learn or up-skill with an Online Course. We are offering a free online course this and next week, if you’re interested, sign up on this page. Below these 4 ideas is some more information on all the online training Education Elephant have to offer. All of these courses will be launching from April 2020. 
  3. Learn a new recipe! Last week I learned how to make porridge bread, it a really easy recipe to follow and the bread is gorgeous as an alternative to regular bread! Here is a link to the recipe. How about setting a goal of cooking or baking something new each week! This week I am going to try make mars bar squares, what else would be nice to make? Let us know in the comments 🙂
  4. The fourth idea for the mind, is colouring for adults (and kids!). Try get your hands on an adult colouring book or print out some pages from the internet. It is very relaxing for the mind! 


We are delighted to announce that we are launching the brand new Education Elephant Online Training platform on the 10th April 2020. 


Join our online community and up your skills by enrolling our courses:


  • How To Set Up Lego® Based Therapy Groups In Your School
  • Administering Standardised Tests 
  • What every teacher needs to know about understanding psychological reports
  • What every parent needs to know about understanding psychological reports
  • Becoming a confident and competent standardised test user
  • Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (a British Psychological Society course)
  • Understanding ADHD for teachers
  • Understanding ADHD for parents
  • Effective Classroom Strategies for teaching children with ADHD
  • and more…..


Be the first to have access to the online bootcamp for teachers, educators, parents and those interested in learning more about learning. 


This online training will equip you with the resources and knowledge that you need to be the best and give the best to your students and children’s education. 


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