Education Elephant Ltd to provide all testing and training requests for Woodcock-Johnson® (WJ IV) in UK & Ireland. | Education Elephant Siteground

“Responding to growing interest in the UK, Riverside Insights, the publishers of the world-renowned comprehensive cognitive, achievement, and oral language assessment, The Woodcock-Johnson® IV (WJ IV), has partnered with Dublin-based Education Elephant Ltd. to address local testing and training requests.

“We are thrilled to introduce Education Elephant as our distribution partners for the Woodcock-Johnson IV in the UK and Ireland”, says Christopher Heaney, International Account Manager with Riverside insights. “We look forward to working together to provide our assessments and local training options, with recommendations for remote administration to customers throughout the UK.”

He went on to say “The team at Education Elephant looks forward to providing additional product and training information.”

Rebecca Good, Director at Education Elephant said “Providing excellence in service is central to what we do at Education Elephant. We are very excited to partner with Riverside Insights, representing Woodcock-Johnson IV tests in Ireland and the UK, and we look forward to continuing to support UK and Irish assessors with the highest quality testing resources and training”

Education Elephant is also a provider of the highest quality online training courses for those with additional needs and is the producer of the popular SPaRCs test, the new UK and Irish normed standardised group test for spelling, processing speed and reading comprehension speed.

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