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100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented

The school budget for gifted and talented provision may have been reduced in recent years, but the expectation and need for it is actually higher than it has ever been. This brand new title, 100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented, in the bestselling 100 Ideas series includes enrichment activities and teaching and management strategies for supporting the gifted students in your school.


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Whether you are simply looking for activities to use in your classroom or you are in charge of whole school provision, this book could be a helpful tool for you. The content ranges from how to identify gifted and talented students, support their individual needs, and how to interest and engage them; to training other teachers and reviewing your school’s provision.

100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented includes 50 practical strategies and 50 creative enrichment activities that can be implemented in the classroom or expanded into long-term projects. The activities in this book cover a range of topics, ability levels, and even different areas of the curriculum. It has become an essential book for any secondary teacher looking to identify, develop, and challenge their most gifted and talented students.

1 review for 100 Ideas For Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented

  1. Muireann

    This book really helped me with planning and activities for students.

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  • Age Suitability: Secondary
  • Extent: Book with 136 Pages
  • Author: John Senior

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