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Maths Motivators: Book A: Algebra and Coordinate Geometry

Maths Motivators, a two-book series, provides a break from traditional textbook exercises by offering inspired and engaging approaches for introducing, teaching, revising, and assessing core concepts in senior mathematics.


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Included in Book A of the Maths Motivators series, are independent exercises to establish fundamental skills, collaborative activities to promote classroom discussion and further understanding, and revision assignments that will serve to highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses. This text is an essential resource for busy senior mathematics teachers wanting to add some energy and innovative approaches into their everyday teaching practices.


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  • Age Suitability: 11+ Years
  • Author(s): Nicolla Eagar
  • Publisher: User Friendly
Maths Motivators: Book A: Algebra and Coordinate Geometry is one book in a two-part series. Maths Motivators: Book B: Non-Linear Graphs And Calculus is also available on this website.

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