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Maths Reinforcers – Book D – Algebra, Statistics and Probability

The worksheets provided from this book can be used as quick ‘warm-ups’ at the beginning of class; as a collection of activities targeting particular problem areas for students; for homework; or to provide engaging work for lower ability students while releasing the teacher to work with other groups. Within this book, there is also a separate answer section for teacher, self, or peer correction and markings.


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Maths Reinforcers: Book D has been designed to be a photocopiable resource book for students who are having difficulties with these maths topics, and need extra learning support.


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Age Suitability: 9-12 Years

Published By: User Friendly

Author: Richard Free

Extent: Paperback Book with 76 Pages

This text is part of a four-part series. All of the books in this series are available on this website as well.

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