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Mind Maps for Kids: Study Skills

Mind Maps for Kids took the education world by storm when it sold over 20,500 copies in the first four months of publication. Back by popular demand, the creator behind Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, created a new book on the area of learning that most worries children, parents, and educators alike: studying. This book explores the best ways for children to revise their course material and aims to take the stress out of learning.


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Children, their parents, and educators alike are all aware of the pressures to succeed in school exams. However, they do not always have the best tools to revise the course material effectively. Mind Mapping is a breakthrough system of planning and note-taking that cuts revision time in half with double the results.

Tony Buzan shows just how easy Mind Mapping is and how kids can use it to:

  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Pass their exams with flying colours
  • Remember facts and figures with ease
  • Take clearer and better notes
  • Understand concepts and think laterally
  • Unlock their imagination
  • Improve concentration and save time
  • Plan answers calmly and thoughtfully during exams

Mind Maps for Kids: Study Skills is the shortcut to successful learning that will put your child one step – or even miles– ahead of their peers.


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  • Author: Tony Buzan
  • Extent: Book with 128 Pages
  • Age Suitability: 7-14 Years

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