Online Course Autism or Suspected Autism


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The course will cover some top methods for avoiding meltdowns and methods that will help both you and your child calm down when situations are proving challenging. We’ll also look at how to help your child with toileting (potty/toilet training), how to make shopping trips together smoother, how to develop healthy sleep routines and how to manage trips away (e.g. travelling on the bus/car/train or plane).

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Written by the Education Elephant psychology team and Dr. Kieron Merriman, phD, Clinical Psychologist and childhood autism expert unpicks the daily challenges that autism presents and walks you through some top techniques for handling these challenges while bringing harmony to you, your child and your home. We will talk about not only what you can do but also the different kinds of therapy that are there for your child, what works and maybe what doesn’t work and what you as a parent can do to help them.

With this expert led course and help from specialists, you will find that autism does not have to be as debilitating as it may seem. An autism diagnosis can represent a challenge in your child’s life, but they remain a beautiful and unique individual, and you just need the right tools and advice to ensure they can succeed.

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