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Stop Think Do: Social Skills Training: Supplement For Middle Years Of Schooling Ages 12-15

Originally designed for Australian schools, it is now internationally recognised as an invaluable social skills programme and is being used by many schools and CPD groups around the world.

STOP THINK DO develops a positive social culture in classrooms, particularly because teachers are modelling the same skills they teach students. The academic progress of children is also facilitated by a co-operative classroom.

STOP THINK DO develops both emotional and social intelligence in children. They will learn how to understand and control their feelings during STOP; how to think about their options and their possible consequences at THINK; how to behave appropriately at DO; and how to be motivated to use these skills in all social situations in their lives.

This revised and extended edition of the book modernises the best-selling programme. It incorporates current research trends, visual resources, simplified lesson formats, and provides practical suggestions for applying the programme in regular classrooms, in small groups, for special needs students, for peer mediators, or as a whole school. In addition to being used by education professionals, parental involvement is also encouraged in this programme.


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STOP THINK DO is a social skills programme for use in schools with children who have emotional, social, and/or behavioural difficulties that affect their ability to make friends. It is designed as a classroom curriculum for children between the ages of 12 and 15 to prevent social difficulties from arising.


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  • Includes: Manual with Approx 184 Pages and Set Of 3 Posters
  • Published by: Outside the Box Learning Resources
  • Age Suitability: 12-15 Years
  • Author(s): Lindy Petersen (With Allyson Adderley, Phil Lewis & Mark LeMessurier)

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