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Successfully Managing ADHD: A Handbook For SENCOs And Teachers

Written by one of the UK’s leading experts on the topic, Fintan O'Regan, Successfully Managing ADHD: A Handbook For SENCOs And Teachers is an essential resource for SENCOs, teachers, behaviour management staff, and senior leaders alike. This text contains invaluable, practical, and up-to-date information and advice on ADHD and any education professional will be able to use the resources provided as a continuing professional development tool.


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Behaviour issues, like ADHD, are always a high priority in schools. Teachers are constantly searching for practical guidance on how to manage learners who find it difficult to concentrate and stay on task for any length of time. ADHD often presents challenging behaviour in the classroom and disrupts learning for other students, so it is important to understand how to manage this negative symptom.

Chapters in this essential book cover topics such as:

  • How can we manage ADHD behaviour?
  • How can we help non-traditional learners access the curriculum?
  • Working with parents of children with ADHD
  • Making transitions less problematic
  • Exploring other options for managing ADHD
  • The role of medication and how/when it can help


  • Offers practical and effective strategies
  • Explores a range of options for managing ADHD
  • A highly user-friendly resource


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  • Age Suitability: All
  • Extent: Book with Approx 90 Pages
  • Author: Fintan O’Regan

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