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The Spell Write Right Programme

The programme was developed in partnership with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland. It was made to equip students with clever methods, mental strategies, essential skills, problem-solving techniques, and an abundance of confidence to work out the differences between common, every day, confusing words.

The programme is extremely adaptable and flexible and has become an essential resource for educators with students in senior primary, post-primary, adult literacy, resource and learning support, EFL and indeed anyone who has spelling difficulties or dyslexic tendencies. Not only teachers love this programme, but students do as well. Through fun and games, they learn, easily, how to disentangle these mysterious, complex words.

The programme covers over 256 commonly confused words in 16 units of 16 words. Each 16-word unit is colour-coded and is accompanied by an A2 size laminated Visual Word Card (poster).  Each word unit consists of a bingo game, a flashcard game, some helpful hints, an anagram game, a cloze procedure, a crossword, a word search, a word spiral, acrostic activity, and a record-keeping template and a revision section. All of which provide repetition and reinforcement for all confusing words. Some examples of words that are covered include their/there/they’re; to/two/too; canvas/canvass; mayor/mare; piece/peace and so many more.


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The Spell Write Right Programme is a powerful, games-based programme designed to teach students with a reading age of 10+, how to understand the differences between common confusing pairs of words. This programme is especially helpful for students who have literacy difficulties or dyslexic tendencies.


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The complete kit consists of:

  • SWR Resource Book A (for Units 1 – 8)
  • SWR Resource Book B (for Units 9 – 16)
  • 16 X A2 Visual Word Cards (Posters)
  • 8 X A3 Double-sided Gameboards (Bingo)*
  • 1 Pack of 100 Counters

Author: Eilish O’Mahoney;

Age Suitability: 10 to Adult.

Produced in Association with Learning Horizons, Outside the Box Learning and the Dyslexia Association of Ireland.

Published By: Outside the Box Learning Resources

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