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Woodcock Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement (UK & Ire Edition)

Gain more information in less time!  Now on its fourth edition, the WJ IV is one of the worlds most trusted and reliable assessment tools available for student and adult assessment. With 11 different subtests assessing core areas of reading, writing, and maths across and spanning an age range of 4 – 94 years the WJ IV is a 'must have' for every educational assessor and every educational setting. Developed on the cutting edge of clinical research and practice, the WJ IV is essential for any school or assessor wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of a student’s learning and is the perfect tool for reliably assessing students for access arrangements.  This edition of the WJ IV has been adjusted for UK and Ireland audience.

Ages:  4- 90+ years

Administration Time: 5-10 minutes per test

Mode: Pen and Paper Administration; Electronic Scoring

Authors: Fredrick A. Schrank, Kevin S. McGrew, and Nancy Mather

Restriction Level: Medium

WJ-IV Complete Kit = Examiner Manual; Test Book; FREE Record & Response forms & 25 student scoring credits

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The WJ IV is the perfect assessment for accurately screening, diagnosing, and monitoring progress in reading, writing, and maths achievement areas. The UK and Ireland edition is a special edition of the WJ IV which has been designed and adapted from the WJ IV Tests of Achievement,  Form C. While the norms have not changed, all of the content has been anglicised for use in the UK and Ireland and the testing battery has been shortened from 20 tests (standard and extended battery tests available in the full Wj IV) to the 11 core tests (standard battery only) thus making it more economical, affordable, and accessible to those schools and examiners seeking out a reliable and robust assessment tool.

Examiners can choose to administer all 11 subtests or can select individual subtests for isolated use. The WJ IV will allow examiners to gain an in-depth understanding of a person’s academic strengths and weaknesses enabling targeted interventions to be put in place. Scores from the WJ IV can also be used to apply for access arrangements in the UK. With 11 subtests (see table below), spanning a huge age range (4- 90+ years) and assessing areas of early literacy and early number skills as well literacy and maths, the WJ IV is the perfect choice for students in every educational setting. 

Subtests of WJ IV Tests of Achievement, UK and Ireland edition


Subtests of the WJ IV
Test 1: Letter-Word identification (Reading)
Test 2: Applied Problems (Maths)
Test 3: Spelling (Writing)
Test 4: Passage Comprehension (Reading)
Test 5: Calculation (Maths)
Test 6: Writing Samples (Writing)
Test 7: Word Attack (Reading)
Test 8: Oral Reading - (Reading)
Test 9: Sentence Reading Fluency (Reading)
Test 10: Maths Facts Fluency (Maths)
Test 11: Writing Fluency (Writing)

11 benefits of using the WJ IV:

  1. suitable for a range of educational settings (early years – adult education)
  2. profiles students literacy AND maths attainments
  3. fast administration times (5-10 mins per test)
  4. Strong diagnostic powers
  5. standard scores, percentiles and confidence intervals available
  6. great administration flexibility (choose to administer one, some or all subtests)
  7. allows a comprehensive understanding of each students pattern strengths and weaknesses
  8. ability to design targeted interventions and instructional objectives
  9. use for applications of access arrangements (7 different suitable subtests)
  10. use to inform decisions around educational placements, programmes, and resources
  11. computer scoring & reporting saves time and allows student data export and collation of score


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With strong reliability, a comprehensive set of available subtests and its time efficient nature the WJ IV is the perfect choice for high stakes testing (i.e. when testing student eligibility for schemes and resources). Please see below for a number of schemes the WJ IV has been used widely for.

WJ IV and Access Arrangements

The WJ IV has 7 subtests which are highly suitable when applying for JCQ access arrangements of Reader, Scribe and Extra Time. See the table below for suitable tests and access arrangement area:
WJ IV tests
Access Arrangement
Test 1: Letter-Word identification
Reader (Single Word Reading)
Test 3: SpellingScribe (Spelling)*
Test 4: Passage ComprehensionReader (Reading Comprehension)
Test 7: Word AttackExtra Time (cognitive processing)
Test 9: Sentence Reading FluencyReader / Extra Time (cognitive processing)
Test 10: Maths Facts FluencyExtra Time (cognitive processing)
Test 11: Writing FluencyExtra Time (cognitive processing)
This table acts as a guide for assessors that are using the WJ IV for access arrangement applications under the JCQ. Plese note this table serves as a guide only and examiners should always use there own final judgement on the suitability of tests when making an application. *Please note as per JCQ guidelines, in order to qualify for a scribe a candidates writing also needs to be incomprehensible

WJ IV and Disabled Students Allowance

This test is awaiting review by the SASC Committee

WJ IV and Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) scheme

The WJ IV has 10 different subtests which are suitable for use within the Republic of Irelands DARE scheme. The tests are listed below:
Test 1: Letter-Word identificationSingle word reading (Dyslexia)
Test 2: Applied ProblemsMaths Reasoning (Dyscalculia)
Test 3: SpellingSpelling (Dyslexia)
Test 4: Passage ComprehensionReading Comprehension (Dyslexia)
Test 5: CalculationMaths Calculation (Dyscalculia)
Test 6: Writing SamplesN/a
Test 7: Word AttackPseudoword Decoding (Dyslexia)
Test 8: Oral Reading -NEWReading Accuracy (Dyslexia)
Test 9: Sentence Reading FluencyReading Fluency/Speed (Dyslexia)
Test 10: Maths Facts FluencyMaths fluency (Dyscalculia)
Test 11: Writing FluencyWriting fluency (Dyslexia)
This table acts as a guide for assessors that are using the WJ IV for student DARE applications in the Republic of Ireland. Noe this is only a guide and examiners should always use there own final judgement on the suitability of tests when making an application.

Technical Information

Normed using a very large sample of over 8,000 individuals from a US population. Reliabilities of the WJ IV are very strong and range from 0.8 to 0.9 or higher. Further information on individuals subtest reliabilities can be found within the technical manual.

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