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Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJIV Cog)

The WJIV tests of cognitive abilities is an intelligence assessment tool developed on the cutting edge of theory and clinical research. The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities contain the greatest breadth of cognitive abilities of any standardised assessment suite and will suit the needs of any healthcare professional working within the domain of psychology or a related profession. This cognitive battery has unrivalled power yielding important diagnostic information, profiles of strengths and weaknesses and very useful in identifying exceptionalities and disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia, general learning disabilities etc.) and can be directly linked to interventions or accommodations.

Ages: 2 - 90+ years

Administration Time: 5-10 minutes per test

Mode: Pen and Paper Administration; Electronic Scoring

Authors: Fredrick A. Schrank, Kevin S. McGrew, and Nancy Mather

Restriction level: High (suitable for Chartered Psychologists, Current APC holders)

Suitable for: Psychologists and other healthcare professionals

** We recommend purchasing this kit along with the co-normed WJIV Achievement battery (UK/Ireland edition) and a self paced video training course. Click here for more info  https://educationelephant.ie/product/woodcock-johnson-iv-cognitive-kit-achievement-test-combo-online-training/


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The WJ IV COG is carefully engineered to be the most contemporary and broadly used battery for an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses among cognitive abilities. The WJ IV COG is designed to maintain the cutting edge of contemporary assessment practice by moving beyond the initial specification of CHC theory with an updated model for interpretation of test results. This is based on recent research that informs the nature of the constituent cognitive abilities that are measured by each test and cluster. New tests and clusters are based on broad psychometric evidence and neuroscientific research. In its redesign, emphasis has been placed on the most important cognitive abilities. This cognitive abilities test is suitable for psychologists and others working in the field of intelligence and cognition. The WJIV is SASC approved.

The WJ IV is intended for use with examinees ages 2 through 90. Most examiners will need 5 to 10 minutes per test administered within a battery. Scoring is completed using Riverside Score.

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities (with Case) kit includes:

– Examiner’s Manual
– Examiner’s Training Workbook
– Standard and Extended Test Book
– Standard and Extended Test Record and Student Response Booklets with Scoring Licenses Pkg 25
– Standard & Extended Scoring Guide
– Carrying Case
*CD ROMS have been removed from all product kits. Audio files and Technical Manuals are available to download to any device or stream on the Riverside Score platform after purchase.

Tests in the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities include:

Standard BatteryExtended Battery
Test 1: Oral VocabularyTest 11. Number-Pattern Matching
Test 2: Number SeriesTest 12: Nonword Repetition—NEW
Test 3: Verbal Attention—NEWTest 13: Visual-Auditory Learning
Test 4: Letter-Pattern Matching—NEWTest 14: Picture Recognition
Test 5: Phonological Processing—NEWTest 15: Analysis-Synthesis
Test 6: Story RecallTest 16: Object-Number Sequencing
Test 7: Visualization—NEWTest 17: Pair Cancellation
Test 8: General InformationTest 18: Memory for Words
Test 9: Concept Formation-
Test 10: Numbers Reversed-



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Watch below Dr. Janice R. Sammons, psychologist, speak about her experiences using the WJ IV.


Watch below Dr. Lynne Jaffe, private practice psychologist, speak about her experiences using the WJ IV and explain both what the RelaRelativeficient Index (RPI) is and how useful this unique score is.


Technical Information:

  • The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities (2016) is a revision of the WJ III.
  • The WJ IV test was normed in the US with over 8000 individuals and co-normed with the WJ Tests of Achievement
  • Reliability is strong ranging from 0.8 – 0.9 and higher

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