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Professional Support Package

Professional Support Package

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

Complete your Croke Park Hours with Education Elephant.




Education Elephant is the smartest, hassle free way to meet your Croke park hours and staff training needs, so that everyone in your school community can thrive! 

With Education Elephant’s school Professional Support Package you can ensure all your school staff community have access to expert knowledge, training and support, anytime of the day, all year round and all with just the click of a button.

Our Professional Support Package is the modern way to meet your school’s training needs. The package includes a catalogue of on demand, virtual Masterclasses on topics pertinent to education, support & teaching children with additional needs and more. All of our masterclasses are delivered by world class experts in their field and reflect the latest global thinking.

The package contains a catalogue of over 30 hours of learning (45 – 60 min sessions) which you can choose from and more content will be added regularly. You can select events for your whole staff to attend or staff can select their own favorite events to attend. You can choose to attend just one masterclass or you can choose to attend them all – we don’t mind! No matter what you select, everyone can learn in their own time, at their own pace and importantly gain certificates of completion for each event attended.  This unique CPD package is certain to save you time and money, while keeping you and your staff happy, and always learning.

With the Professional Support Package you can:


Get access to over 30+ hours of recorded, online masterclasses, *more content will be added regularly.


Listen and learn from global experts in education


Select your favourite topics and speakers to listen to


Learn in your own time and at your own pace


Enjoy conversations with others


Showcase your learning with Certificates of Completion for each event attended


Save time and hassle by sourcing your Croke Park hours at the start of the year


Get access to all new masterclasses added

All of our masterclasses are selected to focus on what a teacher needs to know and equips them with practical advice, tips, tools and strategies they can use everyday in their classroom to help all students, creating stimulating and differentiated classrooms.



Masterclass: Chronic Stress – its effect on a child’s ability

Instructor:  Dr. Elana Wolkoff

Masterclass: Summer Parenting: A practical Guide, Strategies & Tips

Instructor:  Dr. Diksha Laungani

Masterclass: Dyslexia – Supporting a Child’s Reading, Vocabulary & Learning

Instructor:  Dr. Sandra Jack-Malik


Masterclass: Classroom Strategies to Support Learners with ADHD

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: The effect of Autism on Learning & behaviour

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: The effect of Autism on Learning & behaviour

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Dyscalculia: Identification & Practical Maths Support Strategies

Instructor:  Judy Hornigold

Masterclass: Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) – tearing families apart

Instructor:  Dr. Bill Dodson


Masterclass: Increasing a Child’s Resilience: small changes – big improvements

Instructor:  Dr. Elana Wolkoff


Masterclass: Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) – Managing Behaviour

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & Syndrome – Inclusion and Development

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Managing meltdowns in children with Autism

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Autism: Difficult Behaviour – Prevent it, Respond to it, Replace it

Instructor: Dr. Lauren Moskowitz

Masterclass: Understanding and Supporting a Child with Autism, ADHD or PDA

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Challenging the myths and misinformation around ADHD

Instructor:  Dr. Bill Dodson


Masterclass: Teaching strategies for identifying and working with Gifted & High-Achievers

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse

Masterclass: Interventions for young children with ADHD (ages 4-7)

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Interventions for young children with Autism (ages 4-7)

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Masterclass: Supporting children: Senory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD and PDA

Instructor: Andrew Whitehouse

Masterclass: Support a child showing early signs of mental health difficulties

Instructor:  Jacqui Crutchley


Masterclass: Attachment disorder: Strategies to avoid the trauma & loss

Instructor:  Andrew Whitehouse


Over 10 more masterclasses will be added before Christmas, on

Teaching Maths, Dyspraxia, Behaviour and more.

Professional Support Package Pricing


We have created 4 packages to meet your needs. A single professional package for individual teachers that are seeking to up-skill and for CPD and 3 packages for schools ranging from 10 to 50 teacher access.


*Access for 12 months from date of enrolment

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