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Looking for a NEW test that simply does everything?

Look no more -it is finally here!! We are super excited to announce the arrival of the NEW Woodcock-Johnson IV, Tests of Achievement, UK and Ireland edition – the answer to all of your testing needs.

It’s hard to contain our excitement on this one, but the New Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement (UK adapted) is finally here and available to you! With 11 different subtests covering reading, writing, and maths, this is the most comprehensive test around and definitely, a MUST HAVE for every SENCo and school.

How to order?

You will need to register an account with Education Elephant and enter your qualifications (you need a post graduate qualification in assessment and testing to use this tool e.g. CCET or MSc in SEN).

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Here’s what you get with the WJIV

Every starter Kit includes the following:

  • Test of Achievement /Brief Battery which includes 1 Technical Manual,
  • 1 Examiner Manual plus Student Response and Examiner Record Forms,
  • 1 Standard Test Book plus 25 Online Scoring Credits.

Additional scoring credits can be purchased separately (please note: only scoring credits are subject to VAT).

This is the most comprehensive test available on the market and will be a MUST HAVE for any assessor. Covering almost every test you will ever need, you will find the following 11 subtests within the WJIV:

  1. Letter Word Reading
  2. Word Attack (phonics)
  3. Passage Comprehension
  4. Sentence Reading Fluency
  5. Oral Reading
  6. Spelling
  7. Writing Samples
  8. Writing Fluency
  9. Maths Calculation
  10. Applied Problems (maths reasoning)
  11. Maths Fluency

The tests are computer scored thus reducing examiner error and increasing reliability. Each pack of additional 25 forms is an investment of £65 (£2.60 + Vat per student) or €75 (just €3 + Vat per student).

Use the WJIV to:
-assess for learning difficulties;
-gain a holistic view of the student and areas of strength and weakness
-map and measure progress;
-design interventions and support;
-apply for access arrangements (readers; scribes and extra time).