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Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) – BPS verified

Meet industry standards and gain a professional certificate in educational test administration and interpretation.

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    What are some of the benefits of completing the CCET course to me?

    Gain a professional qualification in testing and assessment.

    Become a registered and qualified Educational Test User.

    Gain the skills and expertise necessary to conduct and interpret educational test.

    Identify areas of student need.

    Gain great confidence and competence communicating test results to others.

    Gain a higher status code with test publishers, allowing you to access and purchase previously restricted tests.

    What you’ll learn

    How to competently administer and score different psychometric tests (intelligence and attainment tests)

    What test scores mean and which ones are best to use (standard scores, percentiles, Stens, Stanines, age equivalents)

    Be able to analyse and understand standardised test results in order to make informed decisions and improve outcomes for students/clients

    Can differentiate between good tests and not so good tests

    Be able to properly and accurately measure progress in students/clients

    Make better decisions for students/client based on assessment results

    How to clearly and confidently report test results and their meaning to others

    How to read and understand psychological reports
    How to write psychometric reports for parents and professionals

    How to comply with data protection legislation when conducting psychometric tests

    How to be a confident, competent and effective test user that can make a real difference to your students/clients lives

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