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At Education Elephant, we’re passionate about harnessing the power of educational psychology to elevate every student’s learning journey. As leaders in the realm of educational insights, we offer top-tier assessments, cutting-edge testing tools, and unmatched professional development resources tailored for today’s educators.

Our offerings, meticulously crafted and curated by a team of seasoned psychologists, are not just tools – they’re a bridge to deeper understanding and amplified success. We’re dedicated to equipping schools and educators with the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive. Because we believe in a world where everyone, regardless of background, has access to premier educational support to unleash their utmost potential.

Join us in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for every learner.

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Professional Qualifications

Become a confident, competent and effective assessor today! 

ETAAC | Level 7 Educational Testing and Access Arrangements Certificate
Gain a professional qualification in specialist educational testing and access arrangements in the UK looking to qualify as a JCQ access arrangements assessor.
CCET | Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing Qualification
Bring your ability and expertise in testing and assessment to the next level with this British Psychological Society verified course.

Our Testimonials

I highly recommend Education Elephant. Having purchased the WJIV and taken one of their online courses, I have found the staff to be fantastic to deal with. Everyone is so quick to respond to queries and so helpful. On-line content is so user friendly and well thought out, making the course easy to follow at your own pace.

R Stenning

Woodcock-Johnson IV

I have completed two online courses with Education Elephant and would highly recommend them. I look forward to completing more of their courses in the future.

Suzanne Spillane

Online Courses

I highly recommend Education Elephant! The people who work here are incredibly nice and made purchasing my Woodcock-Johnson IV test very easy. I had a few administration questions and the team were kind enough to talk me through it over the phone. I will definitely be recommending this company to other teachers in the future.

Hadley Roy

Woodcock-Johnson IV

Thanks for a very informative and useful course! I am looking forward to setting up a construction club in school this year! I already have a number of children in mind that I feel would benefit hugely from this club!

Deborah Obrien

LEGO®-Based Therapy

Knowledge Network

School and SEN Subscription Package


  • Unlimited access to 20+ online courses
  • 12-Month Subscription
  • Up to 10 Staff Members Included
  • Additional €25/Staff member
  • Downloadable Certificates

PRO Plan

  • Unlimited access to 40+ online courses
  • 12-Month Subscription
  • Up to 10 Staff Members Included
  • Additional €25/Staff member
  • Downloadable Certificates
  • Share selected courses and masterclasses with parents

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*Please note that some tests have restrictions and can only be purchased by those that have suitable testing qualifications.

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