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Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Cognitive Abilities

The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities is a standardised intelligence assessment tool designed to evaluate a wide range of cognitive abilities for all age groups.

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The Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities are a comprehensive battery of standardised assessments designed to evaluate a wide range of cognitive abilities in individuals of all ages (2-90 years). The tests measure verbal and nonverbal abilities, including memory, reasoning, phonological awareness and problem-solving skills. They are often used to assess cognitive strengths and weaknesses, identify learning disabilities, and monitor progress in educational or therapeutic settings. They are considered reliable and valid measures of cognitive abilities and are widely used in both academic and clinical settings.

Examiners will enjoy administrative flexibility and interpretive clarity with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities alone; however, combining administrations of the co-normed WJ IV Tests of Achievement and Tests of Oral Language will increase diagnostic capability and sensitivity.

Scoring and Reporting

All Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests are paper-based assessments with digital scoring and reporting tools available on the Riverside Score platform. Riverside Score is a secure, web-based platform where examiners can quickly enter raw scores, assessment data and test observations. In addition, various reports suitable for parents, teachers and other professionals can be generated instantly on the platform.

Using the WJ IV in Schools


Help design IEP’s and Student Support Plans


Help identify and diagnose learning & developmental difficulties


Use scores to allocate support resources


Develop profiles of strengths and weakness.


Predict achievement scores and academic performance.



Fast administration times (5-10 minutes per test)


Detailed profile of strengths and weaknesses


Enable targeted intervention and support.

All Ages

Suitable for all ages (ages 3-90 years)


Co-normed with WJIV Cognitive and Oral Language battery


Woodcock Johnson IV: Tests of Cognitive Abilities

A brief overview of how the WJ Cognitive test battery could be used by SpLD assessors in the UK.


What Subtests are in the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities


Frequently Asked Questions

The WJIV Cognitive has raw scores which are calculated manually but all score conversions (ie standard score calculations) are completed via an online scoring platform and cannot be done by hand. Approximate age equivalent scores can be generated by hand but all accurate data must be achieved online.

Yes the WJIV Cog has a number of different processing speed tasks that can be used to assess processing speed for SASC reports.

Yes the WJIV is SASC approved and can be used as art of diagnostic dyslexia assessments in the UK. See here

Recommended Online Training

wjiv cognitive abilities online training

Woodcock-Johnson IV: Cognitive Abilities Online Training

Training in Administration And Scoring

In partnership with Riverside Insights, we have developed a bespoke self-paced training course in the cognitive battery's administration, scoring and interpretation. The course has been carefully designed so you can easily fit it around your busy schedule, and it will help ensure you are confident and competent in using the assessment and getting the most out of your data.

Recommended Co-Normed Assessments


WJ IV Tests of Achievement

The WJ IV Tests of Achievement (UK & Ireland Edition) is a standardised diagnostic toolbox that assesses reading, writing, and maths skills from 3 to 90 years in the UK and Rep. of Ireland.


WJ IV Oral Language Test

Gain critical insights into academic performance through this contemporary Oral Language Battery.

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