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Woodcock Johnson V

The Woodcock-Johnson V (WJ V) is the latest innovation in educational and psychological assessment tools, designed to meet the diverse needs of students and professionals alike. With a suite of new features and tests, the Woodcock Johnson V promises to revolutionise the way we evaluate intellectual abilities, academic achievement, and oral language skills. Prepare your institution for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency by securing your pre-order today!

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Experience the future of assessments with Woodcock-Johnson V—comprehensive, efficient, and secure digital evaluations that streamline the testing process.

What's New in WJV

Some of these new offerings will be released throughout 2025.

– Introducing a new voice capture feature which will improve scoring accuracy, particularly on time retrieval tasks. 
– The introduction to tasks on several tests are in a video format, allowing a standardised presentation.
– Users can select the reason for referral and recommended clusters are automatically created, reducing time spent on test preparation. This feature will not be available at publication, but later in 2025.

Not all new tests will be available at launch, and some names may change.
• Matrices 
• Visual Working Memory 
• Symbol Inhibition 
• Rapid Phoneme Naming 
• Rapid Letter Naming 
• Rapid Number Naming 
• Rapid Quantity Naming 
• Magnitude Comparison 
• Academic Vocabulary 
• Academic Facts 
• Oral Language Samples 
• Story Comprehension 
• Math Problem Identification 
• Paragraph Reading Comprehension
• Sentence Writing Accuracy </br>
• Letter Writing Fluency

Not all new clusters will be available at launch, and some names may change.  

  • Oral Language
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Brief Reading
  • Brief Math
  • Brief Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Number Concepts
  • Phoneme-Grapheme Knowledge
  • Spelling Skills
  • Retrieval Fluency
  • Long-term Storage
  • Auditory Working Memory
  • Phonemic Retrieval Fluency
  • RAN-Math
  • RAN-Reading
  • Auditory Memory Span

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Special Pre-Order Pricing and Plans

Prices are subjected to change*

Unlimited Subscription

$ 0.75 / per student annually
  • - Annual Term: Unlimited access to all assessments within the WJ V Suite
  • - Ideal For: Schools and districts with frequent assessment needs and unfortunately not available to independent practitioners.

Subtest Subscription

$ 2.50 / per subtest annually
  • - Annual Term: Purchase a set number of subtests for flexible use
  • - Ideal For: Independent clinicians and schools with less frequent assessment needs
  • - Minimum Purchase: $200, equivalent to 80 subtests


WJV is expected to launch in 2025likely in February or March.

There is no plans to release a paper version, and the digital version will offer an even better experience for the users.

Data collection is based on the 2020 censusThe first cases were collected in early 2022 and the final cases were collected in 2024This time period encompasses norming cases, validity cases, and clinical study casesPiloting of tests occurred in 2021.

WJ IV will still be supported for a few years after the release of the WJ V, although the exact timeline is unknownRiverside will most likely move WJ IV out of print within 2-3 years, which is standard practice after the release of a new version.

The new Virtual Test Library now includes various tests, including many that were previously part of the WJ IV Oral Language battery, which have been moved to the Achievement battery to better support special education needs. Additionally, new tests assessing cognition, achievement, and language have been introduced, resulting in the discontinuation of the “Oral Language” label. The Virtual Test Library can function independently or alongside the Cognitive and Achievement components, providing comprehensive diagnostic insights and detailed information on strengths and weaknesses from the administered tests and clusters.

Tests from ECAD that will be in WJ V are: 

  • Verbal Analogies (early form in ECAD)
  • Number Sense (early form on ECAD) 

That said, these are not the same items necessarily as the WJ V is for ages 4 years, 0 months through adulthood. The ECAD tests in WJ V were designed for 4 years of age and older, so it’s still best to use the ECAD when assessing young children less than 4 years of age. 

There are two pricing models available: unlimited and subtest subscriptions.

Unlimited Subscription:  Schools and districts pay $0.75 per student, based on the total number of students reported in the prior year. This grants annual access to all WJ V products and training materials.

Subtest Subscription: Schools and districts pay $2.50 per subtest annually, with a minimum order of $200. This allows administrators to choose specific subtests from any battery, valid for one year from the subscription date. Additional subtests can be purchased throughout the year, maintaining a single subscription expiry date.

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New WJ V Standard Achievement and Cognitive Batteries

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