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Introducing the SPaRCS Test: a standardised assessment tailored for both group and individual sessions, meticulously crafted to evaluate students’ spelling proficiency, processing speed, and reading fluency. Pinpoint students in need of targeted intervention or those requiring specific exam access arrangements. Our test is backed by the insights and expertise of renowned psychologists in the education sector, underscoring our commitment to precision and excellence.

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SPaRCS is a series of standardised group or individual diagnostic tests that can be used in school to quickly assess core areas of thinking and learning and help identify students needing additional support/intervention and access arrangements. 

SPaRCS is a diagnostic test designed for use with school students aged 13 – 18 years old. SPaRCS assesses Spelling, Processing Speed and Reading Comprehension Speed (reading fluency). The test has been carefully designed to suit the busy school day and can be administered by teachers in under 40 minutes. The test has been normed with the UK and Irish populations and demonstrates excellent reliability.

The SPaRCS has been carefully designed to be quick and easy to administer. The test comes with a teacher guide explaining how to administer, mark and score the test.

Key Features:

  • Speedy – Administer the whole test in under 40 minutes
  • Proactive – early identification of ‘at risk’ students
  • Access Arrangements – use as evidence for 25% extra time, readers, and scribes
  • Reliable – standardised on over 2000 pupils across the UK & Ireland
  • Cost-effective – Affordable whole-school test
  • Standardised – provides you with standard scores, percentiles & confidence intervals.

Dr Kate James, Rebecca Good and Trevor James.

Quick Facts

1. Age

13-18 Year Olds

2. Administration Time

Approx. 40 minutes for the entire test

3. Mode

Pen & Paper

4. Restriction Level


5. Suitable For

Teachers, SENCo’s, Psychologists


Time Efficient

Group or individual administration 40 minute class

Confidence In Results

High reliability
Confidence in results

Discover Difficulties

Discover any challenges for all your students

Access Arrangements

Reports scores, Reader, Scribe, 25% extra time

Free Downloads

Analysis of the SPaRCS Test and Access Arrangements

Approved DARE Tests in Rep. of Ireland


  • Sarah Guest - UK

    February 3, 2023
    The fact that it assesses two different speeds of working areas. Many tests target one, for example, reading speed or processing speed. The SPaRCs tests for both, plus Reading Comprehension Speed. This means that as an assessor, I can potentially get the required three scores in two different speeds of working areas from the same battery of tests. As well as the point about assessing two different rates of workingspacess, I also really like that it can all be administered to groups of students. This makes it very time efficient.
  • Sarah McAndrew

    February 3, 2023
    "Excellent! Super easy to administer and score. I could not be happier!"

What Subtests are in the SPaRCS Test?

The SPaRCS Test contains three primary subtests; Spelling, Processing Speed and Reading Comprehension Speed

  • Single-word spelling test.
  • Administration time = 10- 15 minutes approx.
  • Description: 40 words orally presented to each student
  • Letter & digit matching task.
  • Administration time = 2 minutes.
  • Description: Two-minute timed task. Student works quickly through a clerical matching task using alphabet letters and numbers.
  • Short passage reading and closed test.
  • Administration time = 10 minutes.
  • Description: The student works quickly, reading through a series of short passages with some words missing. The student must read for meaning (comprehension) and circle the correct missing words from a list of 4-5 words supplied with each passage. Accurate timing is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The SPaRCS processing speed or reading comp speed can be used as evidence for Extra Time. The processing speed is a type of visual processing that would be entered into the section on cognitive processing on Form 8. The Reading Comprehension Speed can also be used for Extra Time and would be entered into the section on reading speed on Form 8. The Reading Comp Speed can also be used as evidence for a reader but there is no requirement to enter any scores for this.

Processing speed (2 min test) and the reading comprehension speed test (10 min) can both be used as evidence for extra time on the JCQ Form 8 for access arrangements in the UK.

The SPaRCS assesses visual processing speed. It is a 2-minute task and is similar to tests found in the WISC and in the SDMT.

No. The SPaRCS does not assess reading comprehension. It does have a reading comprehension speed task where reading comprehension is required; however, this test is designed to test speed not comprehension per se.

1-2 working days Shipping & Handling costs Ireland: €22.50 / £22.50

3-5 working days Shipping & Handling expenses mainland UK: £25

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