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Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement (UK & Ireland Edition)

Discover the WJ IV Tests of Achievement: an elite standardised diagnostic toolkit, unparalleled in educational assessment globally. Specifically crafted for ages 3 to 90, it’s meticulously designed for the UK and Republic of Ireland to evaluate foundational reading, writing, and maths competencies.

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Discover the Woodcock-Johnson IV Achievement Tests UK/Irl Edition: A cutting-edge toolbox of 11 customisable tests, renowned globally for evaluating core literacy and math skills. Dive into students’ abilities, and with these insights, design targeted teaching strategies and interventions. Ideal for psychologists diagnosing learning challenges.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive examiner manual for easy interpretation.
  • Online scoring via Riverside Score: instant, secure, and accurate.
  • Reports ready for parents, teachers, and professionals.
  • Quick administration (5-10 min/test).
  • Complete profile from strengths to areas of growth.
  • Suitable for ages 3-90.
  • Co-normed with WJIV Cognitive and Oral Language battery.

Equip yourself with a tool that simplifies assessment and maximizes impact.

Using the WJ IV in Schools


Help design IEP’s and Student Support Plans


Use scores to allocate support resources


Apply for exemptions from subjects (e.g. Irish in ROI)


Use on the JCQ Form 8 for access arrangements (UK)


Use for Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) applications (ROI)


Help diagnose learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia)



Fast administration times (5-10 minutes per test)


Detailed profile of strengths and weaknesses


Reading, writing and maths tests all in one place.

All Ages

Suitable for all ages (ages 3-90 years)

Free Downloads

Analysis of the WJ IV and Access Arrangements

Download Approved DARE Tests in Rep. of Ireland

Tests of Achievement

Free Webinar Recording

Exploring the Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement (WJIV) UK & Irl Edition

Take a look inside & around this world-class achievement test suitable for assessors and competent using the assessment and getting the most out of your data.


  • Carol Neenan

    February 3, 2023
    I am so thrilled with my purchase of the Woodcock-Johnson IV. Up to now, I was only able to screen for Dyslexia; now, I can confidently and competently assess Reading, Writing, Spelling & Maths for people 4yrs -Adults. It is so good to work with, both during testing and afterwards, when scoring the work. The scoring is easy, and the computer does the calculations. This saves time and, more importantly, the human error side of scoring other tests. I love the variety of reports that can be compiled, and I especially like the printable sheet “Profile report”, with all of the scores given on one page, almost in pictorial form. This makes structuring the written report and being able to “see the whole picture” easy for the test user (me). It also makes it easier to show people where all the scores are about each other at a glance. I am thrilled with its performance, and I’m looking forward to allowing it to help me to help so many more people with difficulties in the future. Thank you so much, Rebecca, for training me in my CCET and for doing the work on this test to make it available to me and the many more me’s (i.e. CCET trained people) to come.
  • Maria Van Assche MDG

    February 3, 2023
    I am always adding to my resources, keeping up my CPD, and looking for improved working methods. I find time is the most significant factor. There's never enough of it, especially in the world of assessment. I inadvertently stumbled across the WJ Test of Achievement through a CPD session and I have to say, I'm so glad I did! It's a fantastic test battery that saves time, money, and effort and provides reliable results! The tests are so wide-ranging, measuring several different skills and areas it is rare to see so much offered within one test kit! They are also quick to administer, ideal for students who struggle with concentration or feel intimidated by more extended tests. The beauty of this is also it's scoring; it's so easy! No big manuals to wade through, no number crunching and no formulas to calculate either! It reduces clerical error, is practical, and is easy to use once you've familiarised yourself with or accessed the WJ IV Ach online training. I love this and recommend it to any assessors needing an alternative test kit! Best investment I've made in years! I find it so practical; I don't think I can live without this in my test toolbox now! p.s. ordering is easy too, and the staff are knowledgeable and beyond helpful!
  • Patricia Timoney

    February 3, 2023
    I started using the WJ4 early this year, and after a little teething time (mainly due to my techie skills – or lack thereof), I’ve nailed it! I love it; delighted to have a test with phonological awareness (Word Attack) and the usual range. Rebecca and co-in Education Elephant have been accommodating too. Full marks all around!
  • Megan

    February 3, 2023
    Super test, very easy to use and assesses all my key areas for access arrangements and IEP’s.

What Subtests are in the WJ IV Achievement (UK & Ireland Edition)

With solid reliability, a comprehensive set of available subtests and its time-efficient nature, the WJ IV is the perfect choice for high-stakes testing (i.e. when testing student eligibility for schemes and resources). Please see below for several schemes the WJ IV has been widely used in the UK & Rep. Of Ireland. Download our comprehensive table for access arrangements and Irish accommodations.

Single Word Reading.

Measures the ability to recognise letters and words which are arranged in order of difficulty

  • Access Arrangements: (Reader)
  • DARE: (Single-word reading. Dyslexia)

Maths reasoning – worded problems.

Requires the person to analyse and solve maths problems.

  • Access Arrangements (N/A)
  • DARE: Maths Reasoning (Dyscalculia)

Single-word spelling.

Requires the person to write words that are presented orally.

  • Access Arrangements: (Scribe )
  • DARE: (Dyslexia)

Reading Comprehension.

Measures the ability to study a sentence or short passage and exercise various comprehension and vocabulary skills in identifying a missing word.

  • Access Arrangements: (Reading Comprehension and Reader)
  • DARE: Reading Comprehension (Dyslexia)

Number calculation:

Measures the ability to perform mathematical computations

  • Access Arrangements: N/A
  • DARE: Maths Calculation (Dyscalculia)

Quality of written work:

Requires the person to write sentences that are evaluated for their quality of expression.

  • Access Arrangements: N/A
  • DARE: N/A

Phonics: Reading nonsense words.

Requires examinee to read nonsense words of increasing difficulty.

  • Access Arrangements: 25% Extra Time (Cognitive Processing)
  • DARE: Pseudoword Decoding (Dyslexia)

Reading accurately aloud.

The person reads aloud sentences of increasing difficulty.

  • Access Arrangements: Reader
  • DARE: Reading Accuracy (Dyslexia)

Speed of reading:

The task involves reading simple sentences quickly and deciding if they are true or false.

  • Access Arrangements: 25% Extra Time (Reading Speed/Fluency)
  • DARE: Reading Fluency/Speed (Dyslexia)

Speed of maths calculation.

Measures the ability to solve simple addition, subtraction and multiplication problems quickly.

  • Access Arrangements: 25% Extra Time (Maths Fluency)
  • DARE: Maths Fluency (Dyscalculia)

Speed of writing sentences. 

  • Access Arrangements: Scribe (Writing Speed), 25% Extra Time (Writing Speed)
  • DARE: Writing Fluency (Dyslexia)

Frequently Asked Questions

Any person administering the WJ IV Ach needs prior knowledge of the exact administration and scoring procedures and an understanding of the importance of adhering to standardised procedures. To become proficient in administering the WJ IV Ach examiners need to study the administration and scoring procedures carefully and follow the procedures precisely.

Competent interpretation of the WJ requires a higher degree of knowledge and experience that is required for administering and scoring tests. Graduate-level training in educational assessment and a background in diagnostic decision-making are recommended for individuals who will interpret WJ results. Only trained and knowledgeable professionals who are sensitive to the conditions that may compromise, or even invalidate, standardised test results should make interpretations and decisions. The level of formal education recommended to use and interpret the WJIV Ach may include qualifications such as:

  • Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET) t
  • Post graduate qualification in special education
  • Level 7 or equivalent qualification in specialist assessment (eg CPT3A or ETAAC)

The level of formal education recommended to interpret the WJ is typically documented by successful completion of an applicable graduate-level programme of study that includes, at a minimum, a practical type course covering administration and interpretation of standardised tests of academic achievement. In addition, many qualified examiners possess professional certification registration in a field or profession that includes as part of its formal training and code of ethics the responsibility for rendering educational assessment and interpretation services.

No, there is no expiration date on the Woodcock Johnson IV credits

Recommended Online Training

WJIV Achievement Training

Woodcock Johnson IV: Tests of Achievement (UK / Ire Edition) Online Training

Training in Administration And Scoring

In partnership with Riverside Insights we have developed a bespoke self paced training course in the administration, scoring and interpretation of the WJIV achievement battery. The course has been carefully designed so you can easily fit it around your busy schedule and will help ensure you are confident and competent using the assessment and getting the most out of your data.

Recommended Co-Normed Assessments


WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Test

The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities is a standardised intelligence assessment tool designed to evaluate a wide range of cognitive abilities for all age groups.


WJ IV Oral Language Test

Gain critical insights into academic performance through this contemporary Oral Language Battery.

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