Bulk Licenses – Schools


Restricted Product: Qualification Open Level Required

You can find more about our Qualifications Policy here: link

Give users the option to purchase an Individual OR a Group Product: 

This option allows you to avoid duplicated products for bulk licenses and individuals.

You can have both simultaneously or only a product for group licenses.

Ask the Group Leader to pay for access to Courses:

Whoever buys the course could be enrolled automatically or not.


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Steps to Create a Product:

    1. Select the Product Type as “Simple Product”.
    2. Select the ‘Virtual’ checkbox next to the Product type.
    3. Fill in the price details.
    4. Guest check out: NO – Select the level you want to assign to the product
    5. From the “LearnDashCourses” Section, associate the Group Product with the Courses you wish to add to this Group.
    6. Go to “Inventory” > Make sure the “Sold Individually” checkbox is unchecked.
    7. Enable Group Registration (see bottom of the product page)


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