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Become a UK-approved Access Arrangements Assessor with British Psychological Society Certification.

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Especially designed for busy professionals, the ETAAC has been carefully crafted to be packed with engaging video lessons and content and packaged in a way that you can fit your learning into your busy schedule. The course is accredited by OCN Credit4leanring and leads to a prestigious British Psychological Society (BPS) qualification in psychometric testing. The course comprises six modules, covering specific topics related to psychometric testing, educational assessment and access arrangements. You are never alone and will work with an experienced tutor to help you throughout the course.

What You’ll Learn

This course is relevant to anyone who works in education but particularly suited to special education teachers or anyone working within the educational setting administering or interpreting psychometric or educational tests. A teaching qualification is recommended but not essential.

  • How to competently administer and score different psychometric tests (intelligence and attainment tests)
  • What test scores mean and which ones are best to use (standard scores, percentiles, Stens, Stanines, age equivalents)
  • Be able to analyse and understand standardised test results to make informed decisions and improve outcomes for students/clients
  • Can differentiate between good tests and not-so-good tests
  • Be able to properly and accurately measure progress in students/clients
  • Make better decisions for students/clients based on assessment results
  • How to clearly and confidently report test results and their meaning to others
  • How to read and understand psychological reports
  • How to write psychometric reports for parents and professionals
  • How to comply with data protection legislation when conducting psychometric tests
  • How to be a confident, competent and effective test user that can make a real difference in your student’s/client’s lives
  • The most recent rules and regulations supplied by the JCQ around testing and applying for access arrangments

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