SPaRCS Response Books (pk 25)


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Additional student response booklets for your SPaRCS testing kit. Free shipping to the UK and Ireland. The ideal test for JCQ access arrangements, for RACE/DARE and for identifying students needing support.

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*Additional student response booklets to go along with your SPaRCS test kit*

SPaRCS is a group standardised test to quickly measure spelling, processing speed and reading comprehension speed (fluency) skills of students aged 13-18 years.  Use SPaRCS to identify students needing intervention and requiring exam access arrangements quickly.

SPaRCS can be used on JCQ Form 8 as evidence for extra time and scribe in the UK.
SPaRCS can be used as evidence for RACE and DARE in Rep. of Ireland.

Quick Overview

  • Age Range: 13-18 years
  • Test Time: <40 mins
  • Test Mode: Pen & Paper

What’s Included in SpaRCS Additional Response Packs? 1 pack of 25 additional SPaRCS Student Response Booklets

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