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  • Authors: Nancy Mather, R. Steve McCallum, Sherry Mee Bell & Barbara J. Wendling
  • Age range: 5-9 years (5 years, 0 months–9 years, 3 months)
  • Mode: Pen & Paper
  • Kit Includes:  Print items – TOD-E Easel
  • Qualification Level: Low
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The TOD-E assesses each of the early abilities that most clearly indicate dyslexia in young children, yielding an Early Dyslexia Diagnostic Index (EDDI) score. Two TOD-S tests, along with the 6 TOD-E tests, indicate an individual’s risk of dyslexia.

TOD-E tests include:

  • Sounds and Pseudowords
  • Rhyming
  • Early Rapid Number and Letter Naming
  • Letter and Sight Word Recognition
  • Early Segmenting
  • Letter and Sound Knowledge

Published by: Western Psychological Services (WPS)

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    Tests of Dyslexia | TOD-E Print Easel