Tests of Dyslexia | TOD-S Print Administration Guide


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  • Authors: Nancy Mather, R. Steve McCallum, Sherry Mee Bell & Barbara J. Wendling
  • Age range: 5+ – Adulthood years
  • Mode: Pen & Paper
  • Includes:  Print item – TOD-S Print Administration Guide
  • Qualification Level: Low
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The TOD screener provides a Dyslexia Risk Index score in 10-15 minutes.

      • This brief assessment can be given individually or in a group format by teachers or other professionals

Read more about the TOD here

Who Can Use the TOD?

  • The components of the TOD can be used by a variety of clinicians and educators. For example, a classroom teacher may administer the TOD-Screener and complete the Teacher Rating Scale.
  • Reading specialists, specialist teaching assessors, psychologists, and speech and language therapists are best suited to administer the TOD-Early or the TOD-Comprehensive due to their advanced coursework and experience with standardised tests.
  • Teachers that are trained to administer the test and are supervised by professionals who have advanced training with standardised assessments may also administer the TOD-E or TOD-C.
  • Interpreting test results requires a higher level of skill. For that reason, while a broader range of individuals can administer the test, interpreting results requires a knowledge of dyslexia and formal training in test administration, scoring, and interpretation.

Published by: Western Psychological Services (WPS)

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    Tests of Dyslexia | TOD-S Print Administration Guide