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Woodcock-Johnson IV: Tests of Oral Language

The WJ IV Tests of Oral Language allow you to gain critical insights into academic performance, for all age groups.

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The WJ IV Tests of Oral Language provide contemporary critical measures of oral language abilities for diagnostic decision-making utilising patterns of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) and providing a measure of Cognitive-Academic Language Proficiency (CALP). 

  • Innovative design makes the Tests of Oral Language an important diagnostic supplement to the Tests of Cognitive Abilities and the Tests of Achievement. 
  • Allows for the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses among oral language abilities of a complete assessment of specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia 
  • The new Segmentation test provides essential information about phonological processing. 
  • Increases diagnostic sensitivity with measures of phonetic coding and speed of lexical access 
  • Yields a measure of Cognitive-Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) which is often more useful in academic settings than measures of Basic Interpersonal Communication skills (BICS) 
  • Provides a unique comparison of oral language comprehension—in English, for comparison to levels of academic achievement 
  • Compares achievement levels to oral language ability for a complete picture of the child’s skills

Scoring and Reporting

All Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests are paper-based assessments with digital scoring and reporting tools available on the Riverside Score platform. Riverside Score is a secure, web-based platform where examiners can quickly enter raw scores, assessment data and test observations. In addition, various reports suitable for parents, teachers and other professionals can be generated instantly on the platform.

Using the WJ IV in Schools


Help design IEP’s and Student Support Plans


Help identify and diagnose learning & developmental difficulties


Use scores to allocate support resources


Develop profiles of strengths and weakness.


Predict achievement scores and academic performance.



Fast administration times (5-10 minutes per test)


Detailed profile of strengths and weaknesses


Enable targeted intervention and support.

All Ages

Suitable for all ages (ages 3-90 years)


Co-normed with WJIV Cognitive and Tests of Achievement


Key Features:

  1. Allows examiners to evaluate the presence and severity of any phonological or rapid automatic naming deficits
  2. Provides language-related insights into observed learning problems
  3. Determines if academic achievement is commensurate with, or discrepant from, the ability to comprehend oral language
  4. Identifies the cognitive and academic language proficiency of English language learners
  5. Measures foundational phonological skills—breaking words into parts and blending sounds to make words
  6. Evaluates the impact of oral language proficiency on cognitive and academic performance
  7. Compare achievement levels to oral language ability

What Tests are in the WJ IV Tests of Oral Language


Frequently Asked Questions

The WJ IV ACH and WJ IV OL require Medium level examiner qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in an educational field and undergraduate level coursework in assessment, including ethical administration, scoring, and interpretation. For many school settings, special education teachers are the primary administrators of the WJ IV ACH and WJ IV OL.

The WJ IV ACH provides 20 tests measuring reading, writing, mathematics, and academic knowledge. The WJ IV OL provides 12 tests that measure oral language skills (9 in English and 3 in Spanish) and the specific learning disability (SLD) eligibility areas of Oral Expression and Listening Comprehension. Together, the WJ IV ACH and WJ IV OL provide a flexible and thorough evaluation tool to assess key areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, and oral language ability.

The Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement and The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Oral Language equip special education teachers and other school-based examiners with a robust set of tools for the standardized evaluation of academic and language-related skill areas. When the WJ IV ACH and the WJ IV OL are used together, examiners can measure a comprehensive set of reading, writing, mathematics, academic knowledge, and oral language skills

Recommended Co-Normed Assessments


WJ IV Tests of Achievement

The WJ IV Tests of Achievement (UK & Ireland Edition) is a standardised diagnostic toolbox that assesses reading, writing, and maths skills from 3 to 90 years in the UK and Rep. of Ireland.


WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Test

The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities is a standardised intelligence assessment tool designed to evaluate a wide range of cognitive abilities for all age groups.

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