SPaRCS Test Kit


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SPaRCS Test is a standardised group or individual screening test to quickly identify students that need help. Learn More

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SPaRCS Response Books (pk 25)

Additional student response booklets for your SPaRCS testing kit. Free shipping to the UK and Ireland. The ideal test for JCQ access arrangements, for RACE/DARE and for identifying students needing support.

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  • Use SPaRCS to quickly identify students that may have additional needs and require intervention, support and exam access arrangements.
  • SPaRCS can be used on the JCQ access arrangements Form 8 as evidence for extra time and scribe in the UK and RACE and DARE in Rep. of Ireland.

Quick Overview

  • Age Range: 13-18 years
  • Test Time: <40 mins
  • Test Mode: Pen & Paper

What’s Included?

  • Examiner administration & scoring manual (1);
  • Student response booklets (pack 25)

Learn more about the SPaRCS Test here

2 reviews for SPaRCS Test Kit

  1. Sarah McAndrew

    “Excellent! Super easy to administer and score. I could not be happier!”

  2. Sarah Guest – UK

    The fact that it assesses two different speeds of working areas. Many tests target one, for example, reading speed or processing speed. The SPaRCs tests for both, plus Reading Comprehension Speed. This means that as an assessor, I can potentially get the required three scores in two different speeds of working areas from the same battery of tests. As well as the point about assessing two different rates of workingspacess, I also really like that it can all be administered to groups of students. This makes it very time efficient.

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