WJIV Tests of Achievement-Complete Kit (UK & Ireland Edition)

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The WJIV Tests of Achievement is a popular diagnostic testing ‘toolbox’ assessing reading, writing and maths skills from 3 to 90 years. Learn More

WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) Full Kit

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Learn how to use, score and interpret your WJIV tests of achievement. A must have for anyone new to this test.

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The WJIV Tests of Achievement – Complete Kit:

Quick Overview

  • Age Range: 4 – 90+ years
  • Test Time: 5-10 minutes per test
  • Test Mode: Pen and Paper Administration; Electronic Scoring

What’s Included?

  • Examiner Manual
  • Stimulus Test Book
  • Photocopiable Examiner Record books
  • Photocopiable Student Response books
  • 25 FREE online student-scoring credits
  • 24/7 access to the Riverside scoring platform (username and logins sent upon purchase)

WJIV Tests of Achievement Co-normed

The WJIV Tests of Achievement are co-normed with the WJIV Tests of Cognitive Abilities and the WJIV Tests of Oral Language. These tools can provide powerful insights into a person’s intellectual and learning profile.

Click here to learn more about the Woodcock-Johnson IV Tests of Achievement (UK & Ireland Edition)

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