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At Education Elephant, we think it is important to keep you up to date with the latest teaching tips, news, announcements, case studies, and stories from across the education sector. Read on to find the latest posts of interest, and please feel free to share any posts that you find useful with colleagues and friends. We’d love to hear from you so please comment below any of the posts.

52 of the Best Children’s Books of All Time

Why are Children’s Books so Important? Introducing children to all varieties of literature at an early age is extremely important for their developmental success. Although your child may be introduced to reading at school, it is essential that you start their passion...

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Tips for Managing Classroom ADHD

The following shortlists illustrate specific ways to manage ADHD behaviour in school. The lists are based around four main areas of focus when handling ADHD: Improving self-awareness, Making rules and time obvious and in physical form, Increasing incentives in the...

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What is ADHD and is a Lack of Sleep Related to it?

Childhood ADHD has become much more common. At the same time, children have been getting less and less sleep now compared to even 20 years ago. How a child develops ADHD is not exactly clear, but there is evidence suggesting that a lack of sleep could be related to...

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How to Identify Dyslexia in your Classroom

Do you know a student who is: Reluctant to read aloud and answer questions? Constantly misspelling and mistaking words for others?  Not completing homework on time? If this sounds like one of your students, it may not be their fault, and perhaps it’s time for a...

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