WJIV Value Bundle: Cognitive AND Achievement Kits

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Bundle bargain with the Co-normed WJIV Tests of Cognitive Abilities and the WJIV Tests of Achievement are ideal assessment tools for psychology professionals and diagnostic assessors looking to save time while gaining precise and reliable data on intelligence and academic performance of children and adults with learning differences. With automatic and instant data and discrepancy analysis, professionals can gain deep insights into examinee profiles, thus helping with diagnostic decision-making (e.g. dyslexia, dyscalculia) and recommending interventions and supports.

Free shipping to UK and Ireland with the WJIV value bundle.

WJIV Cognitive Abilities Test - Full Kit

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WJIV Tests of Achievement (UK/Ireland) - Full Kit

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Recommended: WJIV Cognitive Training

Online self paced training in how to administer, score and conduct basic interpretation of the cognitive battery. Video lessons and example administrations. 12 months access.

Recommended: WJIV Cog & Ach Luggage bag

Protect and easily transport your WJIV kits with this spacious and durable bag. Bag contains wheels and an extendable handle for ease of transport.

ADD ON: Extra WJIV Cog Examinee Response Books (pack 25)

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ADD ON: Extra WJIV Scoring Credits and Examiner Record Forms (pack 25)

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Recommended: Online Training - WJIV Achievement

Self paced course on the administration, scoring and basic interpretation of the WJIV Achievement tests. 12 months access to bite size video lessons, example administrations, Q&A forum and downloadable resources

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Save money with this WJIV Value Bundle, which includes the co-normed Cognitive AND Achievement Kits

Free shipping to UK and Ireland with the WJIV value bundle.

Quick Overview

  • Age Range: 2 – 90+ years old
  • Test Time: 5-10 minutes per test
  • Test Mode: Pen and Paper Administration; Online Scoring

What’s Included?

  1. WJIV Tests of Cognitive Abilities Complete Kit: 
  2. WJIV Tests of Achievement UK/Irl Edition Complete Kit
  3. 24/7 access to Riverside scoring platform (username & logins sent upon purchase)


  • Reliable results – Co-normed tests can give consistent results by minimising the interference caused by variations of test versions and cohort effects of normative data collected in different decades.
  • Save time – data analysis within and between test batteries can be generated immediately and accurately using Riverside (no more excel sheets and manual calculations)
  • Fast report writing – computer-generated reports incorporating test performance and score discrepancy analysis can be generated immediately
  • Increased Accuracy – computerised data analysis minimises the risk of error that manual calculations can make
  • Confidence – report results with confidence and ease

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